About Us

Jamia Sufiya, under the banner of Spiritual Foundation, is an educational organisation for men, women and children which will serve to propagate the teachings of Sufism (Tasawwuf) to the local community of Leicester in the United Kingdom.

Jamia Sufiya is a Sufi Educational Institute established to teach Islamic sciences blended with the wisdom and guidance of the Sufis. The institute was established by Hazrat Allama Syed Muhammed Jilani Ashraf Kichhauchvi in Dargah Kichhaucha Sharif in UP, India.  The author of Kashful Quloob (8 volumes on Tasawwuf), Syed Muhammed Jilani Ashraf belongs to the renowned family of Ashrafia (Kichhaucha Shareef) and is also the 39th descendant of the Prophet Muhammed (may peace be upon him).

Jamia Sufiya has now opened its doors in Leicester (UK) and aims to provide Islamic, Moral and spiritual education within a western framework. This in turn will encourage integration and community cohesion amongst our society as a whole.



September 07, 2013
September 01, 2013