Jamia Sufiya is currently under construction and we are not far from opening.

This update page will show you how far we are from opening. We heavily rely on volunteers to help us with work that needs to be done. If you have skill in an area mentioned below and would like to help please contact us.

If you would like to donate to any of these areas please use our donation form.

  • Downstairs office (near completion)
  • Downstairs toilets and wuzu area (completed)
  • Downstairs Madrassa classroom (completed)
  • 1st floor toilet and wuzu area (wok being done)
  • 1st floor Madrassa (completed)
  • 2nd floor Roof repairs (completed)
  • 2nd floor ¬†classrooms (completed)
  • 2nd floor Office (completed)
  • 3rd floor rooms clearing (not started yet)
  • Basement clearing (not started yet)
  • Garden clearing (not started yet)
  • Front door paint (not started yet)
  • Electrical work and certificate (work in progress)
  • Gas work and certification (work in progress)
  • Fire escapes and health and safety standards (work in progress)
  • Furniture dressing (work in progress)

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